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Entrepreneurs: Engage with SVBIG

The SVBIG organization mentors entrepreneur teams derived from and/or located at the Purdue campus, made up primarily of Purdue students and/or faculty.  At SVBIG we orchestrate mentoring sessions especially in periods where new start-ups are looking to expand, go-to-market and take in new funds.   While the initial engagement is approximately 4-5 months we view this as a trusted relationship to help early stage start-ups navigate the road ahead.


Before each period, we collaborate with the Purdue administration and student-run entrepreneurship organizations to identify candidate entrepreneur teams for mentoring, and we orchestrate a screening process to select the teams for mentoring in that period.   A mutually agreed upon lead advisor/mentor will then lead the SVBIG engagement.


A primary vehicle for preparation for the screening process is development of a world-class Executive Summary document as well as a short video describing the market problem, the solution. the team and what you need going forward. 


Entrepreneur teams at Purdue are welcome to contact us regarding interests in a future round of mentoring by sending an email (via this form).

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